Become a Partner

A new Perspective

What is a Precinct Partner?

A Precinct Partner is a business or individual who enters into an arrangement with us to become a Partner.

The partnership means that our platform directs visitors from the City Precincts site to our Precinct Partners site to obtain information about the business or event that is being displayed on the City Precincts platform.

City Precincts does not do content. Our Precinct Partner’s do. This is part of the inclusive business model that City Precincts employs and is demonstrative of the collaborative nature of the platform.

Business works with business to promote and inform.

How does it work?

When a business sets up their page on the City Precincts site, there is a field that asks them if they’ve had an article or review done by one of our Precinct Partners (there is a list of our PPs displayed). They can then select the Precinct Partners logo and another field then asks them for the URL address for the review or article.

When the business page is displayed to visitors, there is a prominent area that says “Reviewed by” where the visitor can click on the Precinct Partner’s icon and go directly to the review or article on the Precinct Partners site.

How do I become a Precinct Partner?

ASK! There are a few criteria that need to be met but there is no cost involved.

What are the benefits for a Precinct Partner?

The benefits are many:

  • Traffic driven to their site
  • A permanent (hyperlinked) logo presence in all the page footers on the City Precincts site
  • A Premium Membership which entails:
    • A dedicated business page on the CP platform that can promote visitors to their own website
    • 8 templates to select from
    • Unlimited search tags
    • Unlimited Category listings


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