How to use our Platform


Register in your selected Subscription then select your category, sub-category and the Prencict where your business is located.


Your will be re-directed to your business profile page, upload your logo and update all details of your business.


After you finish all your business profile you will be re-directed to our third step, here you need to select a template from the ones available in your subscription.

1. Once you have made your decision click on it and then click ENABLE VISUAL BUILDER on the top left corner of your screen.

2. To learn how to edit your template CHECK THE VIDEO HOW TO EDIT MY TEMPLATE

3. Once you are happy with your end result click the 3 dots on the bottom of your screen and click PUBLISH.

4. To see how your page looks like go to the menu on the top right and click MY BUSINESS PAGE.



Using the Canberra Precincts is simple! However, there are few steps that are necessary for businesses to establish themselves ON the platform and it should be remembered that, although subscription to the database is free, your inclusion is taken seriously and your security of utmost priority.

In addition, the Canberra Precincts platform does not want to present your business in any light other than a professional one.

So there is a bit of basic administration required to get your business registered securely and your page created to ensure that it projects your business to others in the way that you would like.

Don’t be deterred by the page creation process. Getting your page created IS simple but you will need to listen to the instructions because this is a new and clever way of giving you an internet presence at no cost as well as providing you with some serious promotional campaigning  also at no cost.

Have a browse through the Canberra Precincts site and see the sort of things that the site provides, and you will realise the benefit of going through the subscription process.

Remember that if you have any problems or questions at any time, the Messenger service is always available for you to contact us. We also take customer service seriously and our staff are waiting to help you over any obstacles.

We hope you enjoy working with the Canberra Precincts site. It is a dynamic and continually evolving project and hopefully you will come to see it as your own go-to site for promoting your business and join us in assisting you with this endeavour.